The Super Blue Moon in Madrid: What it is and where you can see it

Tomorrow, Thursday, August 31, when you look at the sky, it will be possible to see a phenomenon that will not be repeated until the year 2037, seeing a large full moon that will shine brighter. This phenomenon is known as the Super Blue Moon, at the beginning of this month of August we had a similar phenomenon called the Super Sturgeon Moon.

This phenomenon occurs when the moon is in its closest orbit to Earth, which makes it visibly larger and brighter. These types of phenomena usually occur about four times a year.

Regarding the term “blue moon” it is a term that is used when it comes to the second full moon that takes place in the same month, something that usually happens every 2 or 3 years. In this case we find 2 phenomena that will happen at the same time, the supermoon and the blue moon, and that will take place tomorrow, Thursday, August 31.

The Super Blue Moon will begin to be observable from the night of August 30, however, its maximum point will be in the early morning of August 31, more specifically at 03:36 hours in peninsular time.

Although all of Spain will witness this incredible phenomenon, if you are in Madrid, there are certain points in the city where you will be able to see the moon more clearly and without light pollution. Here are some recommendations

  • Mirador del Alto del Hilo. En la Sierra del Guadarrama.
  • Cerro del Tío Pío. Situado en la zona de Puente de Vallecas.
  • Mirador de las Vistillas. En el barrio de la Latina, Madrid ciudad.
  • Silla del Felipe II. En el término municipal de San Lorenzo de El Escorial.
  • Casa de Campo. Se encuentra ubicado en Madrid ciudad.
  • Templo de Debod. Situado en la zona centro de Madrid.
  • Juan Carlos I Park. A public park located northeast of Madrid, in the Corralejos neighborhood.

We hope you can witness this Super Blue Moon that will not occur again until 2037.

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