Discover the Magic of Hiking – 10 benefits of this Sports Activity

As the weeks go by, we are leaving summer behind, and with it the temperatures of between 35° to 40° that made it impossible to carry out some outdoor activities due to the high heat waves. During the month of September, temperatures begin to drop, but still remain at a level where it is pleasant and even better to go out to the mountains, and explore forests and routes that allow hiking.

In a few days we are going to start our Hiking season, where we do different hiking routes to incredible places very close to Madrid; mountains, rivers, waterfalls and forests. You can have more information at this official link.

In addition, hiking has many advantages for the body and mind, and in this post we want to list some of them:

1. Digital Rest: Say goodbye to screens and embrace the real world. Hiking is a perfect escape from digital life that will help you clear your mind and enjoy nature.

2. Natural Socialization: Share special moments with new people and make new friends. Conversations flow better in the middle of nature!

3. Stress Reduction: Forget about daily worries while you inhale fresh air. Nature has a powerful calming effect on your mind.

4. Cultural Exploration: Discover trails that tell stories and cultures. Each route, mountain and forest is a journey through time.

5. Personal Adventure: Overcome challenges and reach new heights. Each summit conquered is an achievement that fills you with confidence. Setting new goals and achieving them progressively will help you feel greater personal fulfillment.

6. Connection with Nature: Immerse yourself in the beauty of landscapes that will leave you breathless. Every step is an opportunity to connect with Mother Nature!

7. Mental Strengthening: Learn to navigate changing terrain, improving your problem-solving skills and mental focus.

8. Enriching exercise: Keep your body moving while you burn calories and strengthen your muscles. Your body will thank you for physical activity and it will become stronger and more resistant.

9. Visual Inspiration: Prepare for panoramic views that will inspire your creativity and remind you of the greatness of the world.

10. Instant Gratification: Every step brings you closer to a reward: a spectacular view, a bubbling stream, or a magical clearing.

With all this, we hope you can join one of our Hiking outings that we have scheduled for the coming weeks. Get to know incredible corners of Madrid while you exercise your body and soul, and make new friends.

See you in the mountains!

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