We already have a date for the closure of the Madrid Pools

They have been the refuge for many of us during the intense summer that has been in Madrid, with temperatures that have been above 40 degrees, the city’s swimming pools have contributed to alleviate the heat that we have experienced in recent weeks.

However, as the summer is coming to an end, the pools already have a closing date that marks the end of the season.

We must also remember that this 2023, and due to the high temperatures that we have experienced since May, The Community of Madrid approved the early opening of the swimming pools as a strategy to face the heat, they opened a month earlier than usual, last May 13.

Regarding the closing date, this is largely determined by the dates set by the regional government and aligned with the start of the new school year in the Madrid Community, officially marking the end of the summer season.

That said, all the summer municipal swimming pools managed by the Madrid City Council will close next Sunday, September 10, while the swimming pools managed by the Community are scheduled to close one day before, on Saturday, September 9.

Therefore, visitors and people from Madrid have just over two weeks to make use of the 22 facilities that offer these services.

We hope you can enjoy what’s left of summer and take a last dip in one of Madrid’s pools.

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