Field of lavanda Brihuega 2024, how and when ?

Brihuega is a town, less than 100 kilometers from Madrid, located in the province of Guadalajara, in the Castille La Mancha region. This town is known for its historical charm with its architecture but principally for its natural surroundings. You can find a lot of pictures on social media with people posing in front of the field of Lavanda.

Lavander field

The highlight of its environment is its famous lavender field, which blooms in summer. Many visitors, even from far away, come to this town to admire it. These lavender fields cover vast tracts of land which create a beautiful purple landscape.

In the city, you will find lavender everywhere, on balconies, streets and doors. There is even a market selling perfumes, soaps and lavender cookies.

Church of Nuestra Señora de la Peña

What’s more, this medieval town has preserved its ramparts and fortified castle. There’s also the church of Nuestra Señora de la Peña, a perfect example of the transition from Romanesque to Gothic. On your way out, you’ll have a magnificent view of the landscape.

How do I get there and when ?

The perfect time to go is during July/late June when the lavender blooms.

You can get to this town by car, about an hour from the center of Madrid. You can see how to get here in this link.

Traffic is usually heavy during these dates and parking can be difficult, but if you don’t want to worry about it, we have a solution for you. We propose you a round trip from Madrid during the best dates to see the fields.

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Lavender Festival Program

festival de lavanda Brihuega

The town also hosts a popular music festival called the ‘Festival de la Lavanda‘. This year it takes place on July 12 and 13. On the 12th, you can catch Maldita Nerea, and on the 13th, Rozalen. All participants must dress in white.

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