8 best places to eat tapas in Madrid

You can’t talk about Spanish gastronomy without mentioning tapas. For those who don’t know what tapas are, they’re a wide variety of small, savory Spanish dishes ranging from cold cuts to fish, and sometimes even vegetables. You can find them everywhere in Spain, and they’re deeply rooted in the culture.  Here is our list of the 8 best places to eat tapas in Madrid.

Juana la loca

Juana La Loca is a traditional tapas bar. Its specialty is tortillas with caramelized onions. This place is very popular, so it’s best to make a reservation if you want to be seated, otherwise you can always be served at the counter, which is quite common. Located in the friendly Latina district, this is a great place to have a good time.

La manduca

This tapas bar is located directly opposite Madrid’s bullring, opposite the Plaza de Toros. The establishment boasts a very large terrace, so you can enjoy your tapas in fine weather with a refreshing drink. The specialty is patatas bravas with two sauces, one spicy and the other with aioli.

La bobia

Also located in the Latina district, the bobia is an Asturian tavern. You’ll find authentic Asturian specialties. Quality ingredients are used to make the tapas, and prices remain affordable. The place is also beautifully decorated, reminiscent of its origins. In fact, it served as a film location for Pedro Almodovar’s ‘Labyrinth of passion’.

Casa revuelta

This is a typical old Madrid bar. Located right next to the Puerta del Sol, this bar has been open since 1966. The atmosphere is warm and friendly, with a large number of regulars. The menu includes cod fritters and croquettes.

Pez Tortilla

This bar serves croquettes and craft beer. But the bar’s specialty, as its name suggests, is the tortilla. The tortillas are completely revisited here, to let you discover all the possible flavors of a tortilla, with brie, black pudding or truffles. As for the croquettes, there’s also a choice of curried chicken or garlic shrimp. This is a franchise, so you’ll be able to find several in the capital.

Lamucca de Prado

With high-quality products and impeccable service, its location is also ideal. If you’ve just finished your visit to the Prado and are feeling peckish, don’t hesitate to drop in. In addition to its variety of tapas, the place is beautiful with its high, decorated ceilings.

Vi cool

Another innovative tapas bar! This bar is run by chef Sergi Arola and offers a creative, modern approach to tapas. Of course, you’ll find traditional tapas, but you’ll also discover new flavors and new aspects. If you want to discover tapas with a more gastronomic or innovative approach, this is the bar for you.


Its tapas are also unique. Indeed, Doppelgänger has chosen to fuse typical Spanish tapas with other flavors from Asia and South America. Most people who have eaten there have been surprised to find so many flavors in a single bite, which is why we’ve selected it for our ranking.

As you can see, Madrid offers a large range of tapas and you will find traditional tapas as well as more creative and revisited ones. So don’t wait and try one of these 8 best places to eat tapas in Madrid !

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