8 best hikings near Madrid

Madrid, even if it’s a big city and sometimes could appear as a stressful capital, is surrounding by lakes, mountains and rivers. So for every hiking’s amators, if you are in Madrid, you have the choice ! Many spots are ideal for hiking, and you’ll be able to enjoy some beautiful spots while you’re there. Here is our list of the 8 best hiking near Madrid.

La pedriza – Charca Verde

An area of great geological and scenic interest and one of the most emblematic routes in Madrid for its incredible granite rock formations. This hiking is an easy-medium level route of about 13 km, suitable for all audiences in one of the most beautiful natural enclaves of the mountain. It is a beautiful itinerary along the Manzanares river, where you can see the water trickling down the famous granite. This is also the sound you’ll hear along your walk, which is very relaxing.


It is one of the most beautiful hiking routes in the Madrid mountains, through the beautiful area that surrounds the mythical town of Cercedilla. From the viewpoint known as El Mirador de los Poetas, you can enjoy the views of Siete Picos, a massif also known as La Sierra del Dragón, the waters of the Pradillo River, the Camino del Agua and a majestic forest of pines and oaks. Admired by King Charles V, this incredible and magical forest is a real pleasure.

Cascada de Mojonavalle

On this route you will enter a forest of birch trees, wild pines and streams that will take you to a beautiful 30-meter waterfall known as La Chorrera de Mojonavalle. It is located to the north of the Community of Madrid and in it you will enjoy the views and the great scenic and ecological beauty of the area. This magical birch forest is unique in Madrid, with ideal routes to do in spring time! Spectacular views of the Collado Hermoso and the waters of the Arroyo del Sestil del Maíllo await us, which is born in the same waterfall that you can go to.

We organize hikes in the 3 places above, where you’ll have the chance to be accompanied by a guide and be in a group, which is more motivating. You can also rest and eat in these magnificent surroundings.

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There are plenty of itineraries to suit all tastes and abilities. There’s one that takes you straight to the foot of a beautiful waterfall. Located less than an hour’s drive from Madrid, this is the ideal place to enjoy nature.

Peñalara Natural Park

The mountain is a popular destination because the summit is not too difficult for hikers to access. It is also for this reason that it is said to be Madrid’s great training ground for beginner mountaineers. You can also go there in winter for ice climbing.

Rascafría – El Paular

You will set off from the town of Rascafría, crossing forest roads to reach the monastery of El Paular. This hike is also of historical interest, with farmhouses and bridges leading up to the monastery, still home to Benedictine monks.

La Barranca

This hike is ideal for beginners and all you have to do is walk quietly and enjoy the scenery. You can also visit the former Real Sanatorio del Guadarrama, where many films were shot. You can also see the Navacerrada reservoir between the hills.

Monte Abantos

This hike takes you through the area around El Escorial, to one of Madrid’s most mythical peaks. You’ll be lucky enough to pass through a forest in which you can find exotic species, thanks to the efforts of the School of Forest Engineers, which since the end of the 19th century has been working to repopulate this forest.

So, if you like hiking or even just look for a good walk, that 8 best hikings near Madrid are made for you.

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