8 best clubs for a party in Ibiza

Last days, we present you a lot of things to do or visit so you can discover the spanish culture through its castles or towns in the Madrid’s community. Now, let’s discover another side of spain that make it famous, party. Indeed, it is really a part of social life, and offering moments to friends and even families to be reunited. In Spain, many places are famous for that and attract a lot of people. It’s the case of Ibiza which is the most famous in Spain but also world-renowned. The world’s best djs go there. So let’s discover the 8 best clubs for a party in Ibiza.

Pacha Ibiza

pacha ibiza, 8 best clubs for a party in Ibiza

Le Pacha is one of Ibiza’s most popular clubs, both locally and internationally. The club can accommodate up to 3,000 people, who come to enjoy the club’s electro music. As one of the trendiest nightclubs, the clientele is quite VIP. It’s the only one that doesn’t close in winter, unlike the others on the island. What’s more, the club has 5 rooms, each with a different atmosphere. It’s also where you’ll find David Guetta and other famous djs.


amnesia ibiza, 8 best clubs for a party in Ibiza

It is reputed to have the best sound system on the island. The club has 2 completely opposite rooms, namely the Club room, which is a rather dark area, and the Terrace, which is a very bright and spacious space. Balconies are located above the dance floor for VIPs, offering a magnificent view of the whole evening. The club has received a number of awards for its evening events and its interior in general.


ushuaïa club ibiza

The club was inaugurated very recently, in 2011, compared with its competitors. Parties are held outdoors on the beach. They also developed the hotel-club concept. Famous DJs such as David Guetta and Martin Garrix have contributed to its development. Unlike the other big clubs on the island, parties are organized during the day. The club’s unusual feature is its gigantic swimming pool for party-goers.


DC10 Ibiza, 8 best clubs for a party in Ibiza

This Ibiza club is located in an old aircraft hangar and is characterized by its underground ambience. It has also created minimalist techno, offering its audience a quality musical experience. Compared with other Ibiza nightclubs, DC10 has almost no publicity for its events. So it’s up to regulars to promote upcoming events. Located close to the airport, it attracts a dedicated crowd of clubbers in search of authentic experiences.

Es paradis

Es paradis ibiza nightclub

This club is open every night of the week and is more affordable than those presented before. Popular for its spectacular decor, design and pyramidal roof, it’s one of Ibiza’s historic discos. With its Roman-style columns, vines and murals. Many say it’s the most beautiful club in Ibiza.

Ocean beach club

If you’re a pool party fan, this is clearly the place for you, as the island’s biggest are held here. And while you’re enjoying the party and the DJs’ music, you can also dine by the pool. If you’re a VIP, you’ll even get your own waitress.

Heart Ibiza

If you’re looking for an innovative concept, this is it! Created by Ferran, Albert Adrià and Guy Laliberté, also founder of cirque du soleil, this club blends art, music and gastronomy. Everything is brought together to give you an unforgettable experience, with Albert Adrià’s world-inspired gastronomic expertise and artistic creativity providing incredible entertainment. Even the architecture has been carefully thought out, with the renowned Spanish architect and designer Patricia Urquiola.

Eden Ibiza

Eden Ibiza is located in San Antonio. Originally opened in 1999, the club underwent a major renovation in 2013, transforming it into a modern venue that continues to attract partygoers from around the world. There are multiple rooms, each with its own ambiance and musical offerings, ranging from electronic dance music to house, techno, and more. In addition to its indoor spaces, Eden Ibiza boasts a spacious outdoor terrace where guests can enjoy refreshing drinks.

Ibiza is a veritable icon when it comes to partying and nightlife. Hundreds of thousands of people come to enjoy the island’s nightlife. So if you like going to parties and want to discover this part of the spanish culture, here are the 8 best clubs of Ibiza !

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