Best clubs in Madrid

Are you looking for a party in Madrid ? If the answer is yes, we got you ! There are so much places and clubs to make good party in the capital and it can be confusing. So, we reunited the best clubs in Madrid for you !

Teatro Kapital

As its name suggests, it was originally a theater. But today, Kapital is one of Madrid’s nightlife hotspots. Located on Calle de Atocha in the center of Madrid, it’s surely the capital’s most impressive for its size. In fact, it has 7 floors, each with its own atmosphere and decorations. You’ll find music to suit every style. In the main room, you’ll find hits, house and dance music; on the 2nd floor, karaoke; on the 3rd, the apartment; on the 4th, the kissing room; on the 5th, reggaeton and commercial music. And finally, on the top 2 floors you’ll find a restaurant and a terrace. Other club events include charity events and fashion shows.  

Teatro Barceló

The club has a long history and a great reputation in Madrid. Like Kapital, this club is housed in a former theater, and the building has been declared an asset of cultural interest by the community of Madrid. It can also be seen in films and series such as Elite on Netflix. It has 3 rooms, each with its own unique atmosphere. There’s the main room, with its 3 bars and stage with tables, the Scotch room, which is much smaller but has a different kind of music to the main room, and finally the famous El Cielo room, spread over two floors, which mainly hosts events. The club is in the heart of Tribunal.


This is one of Madrid’s most popular clubs, located in the Latina district. Each night has a different theme. The best-known night is, of course, Fucking Monday, which every Monday brings together all those who want to party to start the week. It’s a very international evening, with many students from all over the world coming to study in Madrid. Shoko covers an area of around 2000m² and has several accessible floors. In the main hall, you’ll find the most popular music of the moment. If you’re more of a Latino music fan, head up to the second floor and let yourself be carried away ! As you move through the hall, you’ll find balconies that go all the way around the main hall, giving you an all-round view.


Located on the outskirts of Madrid, Fabrik offers 2 huge hangar-like halls for up to 4,000 people. Sound, light, everything is there, including huge smoke machines. The club mainly features electronic music and related genres. Fabrik also invites many famous DJs to come and liven up your parties.


Located just 5 minutes’ walk from Puerta del Sol, this club is ideal for a night out in the center. Evenings take place mainly on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Currently, you’ll find Project X on Tuesdays, Icon University on Thursdays, Almost Famous on Fridays and Saturday Spirit on Saturdays. The music is varied and international. The club also attracts a lot of internationals. Prices are the most attractive compared with other clubs.

Stardust club

Stardust is renowned for organizing the capital’s best techno nights. Its Friday nights feature a mix of national and international artists. Located in the heart of the Malasana district, the club attracts many different profiles, bringing together people of all ages with a common desire. Themed events and collaborations are often organized by the club.


If you don’t like big, crowded clubs, or if you like to dance and party, this is the club for you! Located close to Puerta del Sol, Samsara is easy to get to and offers a warm atmosphere. It’s open all week from Monday to Saturday. Admission prices vary from day to day. You can also get in with our Pubcrawl, which gives you access to 4 bars as well as this club. You’ll get free shots and discounted drinks in all the establishments, and all for just 8 euros. Access to the club and bars is included.

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So if you are searching where to go to party, now you know the best clubs in Madrid ! Check on the website of each club to see if there is a guestlist to enter for free.

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